Dr. Batchu Koteswara Rao, Pediatrician and Philanthropist, U.S.A, accompanied by his daughter Mrs. Amy Lobe Batchu son – in – law Mr. Patrick and the members of Batchu Foundation visited Sri Prakash Synergy School and interacted with the students.  Raising to the occasion Dr. Batchu shared all his childhood experiences and explained how a naughty child turned to be Pediatrician and Philanthropist.  He said that his stay at Loyola College and Banaras Hindu University suffused him with love, affection, empathy and kindness towards others.  He also said that he is always happy in giving to others and that made him a stress – free man.  He advised the students to think big and beyond self to help others and to express their emotions freely, without conditioning their minds.  He also urged the students not to accept conventional knowledge blindly without reasoning and questioning.  He encouraged the students to help the community of peddapuram through different organizations.  Later Mrs. Amy Lobe Batchu addressing the students recollected her childhood memories at IMSA campus.  She also inspired the students by saying how she developed from an ordinary designer to research level by following her father’s guidelines.  Mr. Patrick addressed the gathering by cherishing his school days Memories.  Later on a portrait was presented to Dr. Batchu by the Director Mr. Ch. Vijay Prakash  prepared by synergy Art club.  Mrs. Amey Loab Batchu, Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Bharatha Lakshmi were also honoured with tokens of love by the Director Sri. Ch. Vijay Prakash.  The members of  Batchu Foundation Sri Batchu Ram Mohan Rao, Smt. Batchu Sridevi, former Municipal Chairperson, Mr. Muppana Ashok, Mr. Muppana Swami and Mrs. Bharat Lakshmi, first lady Principal of P.R. Govt. College, Kakinada, Mr. M.V. S. Murthy, Sr. Principal Sri Prakash Group of Schools, Smt. B. Rajeswari , the Dean of Sri Prakash Synergy School graced the occasion.

Today Dr.T.G.K.Murthy, scientist, ISRO and his wife Mrs. Sarada visited Sri Prakash Synergy School.  He appreciated and congratulated the management and the students for making the replica of “PSLV-C25”.  Addressing the students he introduced himself as a person who started as a village boy and became a scientist, so all the students too can achieve wonders in their lives.  He advised “Gathering information through senses”, “Receiving it” and applying that knowledge in real life”, and asked the students to maintain the three P’s viz., “Purity”, “Patience” and “Perseverance” in life to remain focused in life. He urged the students to play active role in re-building India to bring back its lost glory, he emphasized the greatness of India in space research and also said that in no way Indians are inferior to westerns in any field and India can do better than other countries.  He also reminded the synergites a saying of Vivekananda on mastering of mind with which one can do wonders.  The students, teachers and the management watched a video about “Chandrayan” along with Mrs and Mr. T.G.K.Murthy which was presented by Mr. Murthy.  Later the students interacted with Mr. Murthy.  He expressed his happiness for visiting the school and congratulated the management for maintaining International educational standards.  A “momento” was presented to Dr. T.G.K.Murthy by the director of the school Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash.  Mr. M.V.S.Murthy, the senior principal, Dean , Sri Prakash Synergy School Mrs. B.Rajeswari graced the occasion.

The members of theatre club of  Grade VIII and IX have performed a mime on the effects of the usage of cell phones.  The audience came to know how our cell phone calls disturb us in our day to day life and how they spoil our happy moments and the invaluable occasions of our human life.

Cell Phone calls are not more precious than our breaths,

Lives, invaluable moments and situations in our lives.

“Let’s not treat our cell calls as war cry;

Let’s not make our cell call as our death call;

Let’s reduce the use of cell phone as much as possible”.

Sri.M.V.S.Choudary, IRS, Commissioner of Central Excise, Bangalore III Commissionerate visited Sri Prakash Synergy School on 19th November, 2013 and interacted with the students and Teachers.  Interacting with the students he said that everyone has to steer, gear and brake the vehicle of one’s own life in order to reach one’s own goal of destination, though the road is rugged, contained ditches, patches, ups and downs and culverts which are the challenges in one’s life, we cannot hire a driver to drive the vehicle of our own life and we have to drive our own.  He said that Education should help for physical, mental and spiritual development of the students.  He advised the students to identify their own strengths and set their own goals to be achieved.  He said that a good schooling help us become good human beings and good citizens.  He emphasized on the importance of character building among the students.  He urged the student community and the teaching community to save the society from ethical erosion and moral degeneration.  Later he answered the questions posed by students patiently coming down to their level of understanding.  Addressing the Teaching community he advised them to work with passion, love and dedication towards the profession.  He said that the future of next generations is in the hands of teaching community.  He expressed his apprehension that if two institutions i.e., Police and Teachers fail in their duties that society cannot survive.  He reminded the teachers that they should never fail, if they fail, the next generations will fail in achieving their goals. A Token of Love was presented to Sri.M.V.S.Choudary, IRS by the Director of School Sri.Ch.Vijay Prakash. A Portray of Sri.M.V.S.Choudary prepared by Synergy Art Club was also presented to Sri.M.V.S.Choudary, IRS.

Schoolympics was celebrated   in synergy school - peddapuram with exuberance and vivacity. Dr. Sri Kalyana Chakravarthi, The Director, Trust hospitals; Kakinada graced the occasion as the chief guest.  He delivered an eye-opening and enlightening speech by reiterating the importance of being healthy and hygienic. He also reminded the synergites of Pandit Jawaharlal lal Nehru and gave a clarion call to the children to be like Cha-cha Nehru and build the modern India. Dr. Kalyana Chakra Varthi also presented Sri. Vijaya Prakash a copy of the letter by Jawaharlal Nehru to the school children of India.

Motivating the students to be the future leaders, the management selected some of the students, who took the roles of their respective teachers on Teachers Day this year, and invited them as the guests of honour. Rising to the occasion, the student-teachers explained the importance of the subjects that they taught on that particular day.

Keeping in view, the eve of Children’s Day, the school conducted schoolympics from 10th to 14th of this month. Competitions were conducted in 6 areas (sports, cultural, Arts, Craft, Media Skills and literary fields) expanding to 57 events and distributed the prizes to the winners.

The occasion was graced by the presence of Mrs. & Mr. Vijay Prakash, The Director, Mrs. Rajeshwari, The Dean, Mr. Sarvarayan, Teaching & Non-teaching Staff and students as well.