It is indeed a mark of Sri Prakash synergy school to create interest among the students in classical dances which is a part of our Cultural Heritage. This art is not only the quintessence of sweetness, beauty and power of our external culture but also a prayer and meditation, attracting divine blessings, happiness and peace of mind. We, Sriprakashites are overwhelmed with joy to experience the exotic performances of two eminent dancers, Sri Ayan Benerjee, a Kathak dancer and Ms Sri Radha Paul, an Odissi dancer. They gave a spectacular and astounding performances on 18-10-2017 in the school premises. Mr Ch.Narasimha Rao, chairman and founder of Sri Prakash group of institution, Mr. Ch.Vijay Prakash, Director and the chief guest Mr. Rajendra Prasad, an Ayurvedic Doctor from Coimbatore have adorned the stage on this occasion. Children tapped their feet to master the skills along with Mr. Ayan Benerjee and Ms. Sri Radha Paul during the workshop conducted at school. In the end of the programme Eco club of Sri Prakash Synergy School enlightened the students by spreading awareness about 'Green Diwali'. Students administered an oath on 'Crackers free Diwali'. Finally, the Director Ch. Vijay Prakash congratulated the team for the successful conduction of the programme and convincing the students to celebrate 'Eco friendly Diwali'.

It is yet another eventful day in Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram. In the words of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, this is not a protest nor agitation, this is a campaign to raise awareness that our rivers are depleting. Everyone who consumes water is must Rally for Rivers. As part of the campaign to rivers the life lines of India, Sadguru flagged of the campaign from September 3rd to October 2nd covering 13 states and 21 major cities, driving himself from Kanyakumari to Himalayas to create awareness.


Sri Prakash as usual responded in a very innovative way to pledge its support to the rally. Around 70 students and staff involved with an idea of Flash Mob, which was performed in four different places in Kakinada Smart City. Flash Mob is a very innovative programme were the performers come from the public like a flash and perform dances. Hence Synergites chose flash mob to attract the mob and spread the message. They performed flash mob first in Balaji Cheruvu, then in Devi Multiplex cinema complex, then Vivekananda Park and finally at Boats Club.  After flashing out from the mob in these places the students gave a scintillating performance. Amidst their dances, they appealed to the public to gave a missed call to 80009 80009 through thought provoking speeches.

In the end there of performance administered an oath to the public that they will give a missed call to 80009 80009 and also protect the plant saplings, to save the dying rivers and see that Bharat doesn’t turn into desert and spread the same awareness to others. At every place the flash mob is performed hundreds of people gathered and responded to call of Synergites. The mesmerised audience passes by, tapped their feet to the tune of the songs were impressed by the fantastic performance and pledged to protect the rivers and gave missed call to said the number 80009 80009.

The students successfully completed the task of the spreading awareness at the end of the day and went back home with happiness and satisfaction filled in their hearts, thanking the management and staff for their cooperation and support for making the necessary arrangements for the campaign.

Dr Madhura Swaminathan, daughter of MS Swaminathan, Indian geneticist and international administrator visited Sri Prakash Synergy school on 12- 07- 2017. Dr Madhura Swaminathan, Chairs M S Swaminathan Research Foundation and has been selected to serve as an expert on the group writing a report on ‘Multi-stakeholder Partnerships to Finance and Improve Food Security and Nutrition in the Framework of the 2030 Agenda’.

Dr Madhura is among five international experts selected out of 78 global candidates. Dr Madhura feels it as an opportunity to contribute to global policy to help food and nutrition security of millions of people across the world. She is eager to provide the perspectives from India and the Asian region.” Dr Madhura, is also Professor and Head of Economic Analysis Unit of Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalore. As a development economist from the oxford university, she has authored eight books including one on food policy in India. She has served on Government of India’s High Level Committee on Long Term Grain Policy, the UN Committee on Development Policy and on the Board of International Potato Centre in Lima.

Dr Madhura spoke extensively on the topic ‘Food security and Nutrition’ and related topics of Economics. Later she interacted with synergites and described Andhra Pradesh as rice basket of the country. In the interactive session, she patiently clarified the doubts of the students. She appreciated synergites’ enthusiasm and their knowledge in Economics and congratulated the students and management for the same. She asked the students to continue their interest in Economics. At the end of the programme Director Sri. Ch. Vijay Prakash presented the mementos to the guests Dr. Madhura and Peddireddy Sandeep (from IIM, KolKotta)

Director Ch. Sri. Vijay Prakash, Senior Principal Sri M.V.V.S. Murthy, Dean Smt. B. Rajeswari, Prof. Santhanam, teachers and students were present on the occasion.

The earth day was celebrated at Sri Prakash Synergy School, Peddapuram on 22nd April, 2017 throwing light on the importance of our environment and earth.  Sri.Daripalli Ramaiah the recipient of Padma Sri Award for planting more than one crore trees graced the occasion as the chief guest.  The celebration was started with a prayer song.  Later students delivered speeches in Telugu and English on the importance of earth-day and necessity to protect it.  The students presented a skit on environment. The students who were specially trained by famous Odissi dancer Kumari SriRadha Paul performed dances depicting the themes of seasons and Rabindra Sangeeth. Speaking to the audience the Chief Guest Sri Daripalli Ramaiah said that Today's children are tomorrow's citizens in the same manner today's plants are tomorrow's trees.  He urged the students to plant more and more trees so that they can help us in maintaining ecological balance and give us fruit ,  timber, medicinal herbs etc., Sri Ramaiah was felicitated by Sri Ch.Vijay Prakash, Director, Sri Prakash Synergy School, Smt.B.Rajeswari, Dean, teachers and students.  Rising to the occasion Sri Vijay Prakash said that " we are being influenced by movie actors who were seen on screen but neglect the real heroes like Sri Ramaiah, who dedicated his life and resources for the noble cause of planting trees.  The prize winners of various competitons conducted on account of earth day were honoured by Sri Ramaiah.  The celebrations were concluded by taking a pledge that says vriksho rakshita rakshitaha, means if we protect trees they will protect us.